I feel like I have control... I've never had an outbreak like that ever again since I started using it.


Not long after Tammy turned 48 years old, psoriasis started to develop on the palms of her hands and the bottom of her left foot. It started slowly, but continued to get worse as time went on so she went to the doctor. She was given many different treatments – including several types of creams and steroid pills – however, nothing seemed to alleviate her severe symptoms. Her hands were so bad at one point with open sores and blisters that Tammy had to wear rubber gloves while washing the dishes and even showering. And because the skin on her heel was cracking and peeling so badly, she started to limp and had to wear heavy winter boots in the summer.

Tammy began believing that this was how she would have to live the rest of her life. Then, her husband brought home a jar of MG217 Medicated Multi-symptom Ointment. After a week, Tammy’s hands and foot weren’t as painful and after a month, they were almost completely healed. This was two years ago and since then, Tammy has been able to take control of her psoriasis. She keeps a jar of MG217 on hand and whenever she sees a little blister forming, she applies the ointment and the symptoms go away.

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