For four years, Robert had severe psoriasis over 80% of his body. Following the suggestions of his dermatologists, he tried both prescription and over-the-counter creams to relieve his symptoms. However, nothing seemed to work over any extended amount of time. While still trying out various treatments, Robert started to modify his life around his psoriasis. He began to wear excessive clothing to hide his body during certain activities like golfing. After one of his dermatologist appointments, Robert purchased a 3 oz. jar of MG217 Medicated Multi-symptom Ointment as just another attempt to control his psoriasis.

Using the MG217 twice a day, Robert noticed a huge improvement in his skin almost immediately. He was 70% in remission even before the first jar was empty and after two months, he became 98% symptom-free. His skin had improved so much that he even went out and bought new clothes. Wearing his new golf shorts, Robert saw his dermatologist, who was amazed at the results. In fact, his dermatologist made copies of the MG217 box to hand out to his other patients. To manage his psoriasis, Robert now only uses MG217 on his legs, swims daily in a salt water pool and gets 20 minutes of direct sunlight.

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