MG217 was the only thing that worked for me, and it's worked for the last 10 years.


Cheryl was initially misdiagnosed with dandruff when, in fact, she was suffering from a severe case of psoriasis. After many months and spending hundreds of dollars on various dandruff shampoos, she was finally correctly diagnosed by a different dermatologist. Monthly steroid shots in her scalp was the only option given to her. The treatment helped for a few days, but the psoriasis always came back in full force. Not only did the psoriasis make Cheryl’s scalp painful and itchy, but it forced her to adjust some aspects of her life. She began to wear only light-colored clothing so the white flakes from her scalp wouldn’t be so noticeable.

After seeing a magazine advertisement for MG217 products, Cheryl purchased the Medicated Conditioning Shampoo. Within a week, she saw a huge improvement with the red inflamed patches of bumps and the flaking. Now, she only uses MG217 when she feels the symptoms coming on and it quickly stops the flare-ups every time. Cheryl finally feels in control of her psoriasis and can wear whatever she wants.

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