Psoriasis – One of 15 weird things linked to heart attacks

This is an small section of an article taken from the ABC’s Health section about 15 weird things that have been linked to heart attacks.


“In certain patients, psoriasis is a risk factor for heart attack comparable to diabetes,” says Dr. Joel M. Gelfand, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Patients with severe psoriasis, a skin condition that usually requires medical treatment, are more likely to smoke, be overweight, and have high blood pressure, but Dr. Gelfand’s research shows that psoriasis is an independent risk factor. He points out that psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that may cause chronic inflammation, which can trigger a heart attack.

In fact, autoimmune diseases are a risk factor in general. Dr. Wood says the number-one cause of death among people with lupus is heart attack.

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