What Makes a Good Beauty Cream for Eczema?

When it comes to personal care, facial beauty creams are significant in terms of the array of products available and the sheer number of people who buy them. According to Statista, skincare products make up 37 percent of the cosmetics market—the largest category in its class. Is facial cream a beauty product, a health product, […]

Breaking the Stress-Psoriasis-Stress Cycle

The link between psoriasis and stress is not grounds for breaking news. Even the most basic online search will turn up studies going back decades, with countless blog and magazine articles to match. And one thing they all seem to agree on? Dealing with psoriasis-related stress is much like dealing with any other stress—something that […]

Coal Tar and California Proposition 65

If you don’t live in California, you may not be familiar with the state’s Proposition (Prop) 65. If you are a Californian, no doubt you see Prop 65 warnings several times a day. From coffee shops to theme parks, luggage to nuts, to coal tar skin cream, the evidence of Prop 65 is omnipresent in […]

Dry Skin in Winter Months: How to Fight & Win

Dry winter weather and dry skin go hand in hand. Depending on where you live, if you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or ordinary dry skin, you can feel the uncomfortable effects of winter weather as early as September. While there are a few factors that are the culprits, the common-denominator is dryness. Low air humidity, […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Know About Biomimicry

Are you a skin care enthusiast? Or do you suffer from eczema or psoriasis? Either way, biomimicry is a movement in the skin care industry that leans on nature as a problem solver. It’s technical, and not widely understood as a result, but its benefits and potential are great. MG217 products are biomimetically formulated. Let’s […]

Are Essential Oils the Missing Link to Psoriasis Relief?

 Essential oils are an increasing trend in variety of different ways. You could use them in an oil diffuser, as a perfume, to relieve headaches and other ailments, you can even add some to food or your water! But, have you ever thought of testing them on your skin condition to help with symptom relief? […]

Psoriasis in the Sun Shine

The sun can be a tricky thing. Too little and you won’t see any benefit, too much and you have a higher risk of developing skin cancer.  However, as most psoriasis sufferers know; the summer is something to look forward to because of the effects of stronger UVB rays on psoriasis symptoms.  There is a safe […]

Active Ingredients that Activate Eczema and Psoriasis

It’s pretty safe to say that most people who have a skin condition try their best to get rid of it, especially in the summer months.  Let’s say you have tried all the creams, gels, shampoos, etc. in the world to combat your eczema or psoriasis but you still notice that you get flare-ups on […]

Foods that Help and Hurt Psoriasis & Eczema

Nutrition and determining what foods are good for you can be one of the most confusing things to get a grasp on.  One day you can read an article on how good a certain food is for you and the next your neighbor could tell you how awful it is.  So we are here to […]

April Showers Bring Less Flare-Ups

It’s finally Spring! We can finally trade in the heavy coats and snow for lighter rain jackets.  Many people welcome this transition but none as much as those who suffer with a skin condition.  The added moisture in the air makes the skin less dry and susceptible to an outbreak.  In order to make the […]