Another Positive Step


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We’ve written before about the benefits of bringing psoriasis into the light, both figuratively and literally. It’s always heartening to see progress made, not only in battling the condition and reducing its impact, but also in defusing some of its old stigma. Which is why we’re happy to share news of the latest victory, this one brought to us by New York Times best-selling author, businesswoman and actress La La Anthony. Partnering with the National Psoriasis Foundation she has launched the interactive website which proudly features people from all walks of life engaging in any number of activities—many of whom happen to be battling psoriasis.

Photos range from the fashionable to the personable, with a wide range of ages, races and interests including musicians, kayakers, travelers, and even a falconer. But participation isn’t limited to those dealing with psoriasis—all are welcome to post pictures and offer words of encouragement to the psoriasis community.

The overarching message is clearly that psoriasis doesn’t need to set us apart or stand in the way of enjoying life. But perhaps even more encouraging is how the majority of the featured pictures don’t seem to feature much psoriasis at all—just ordinary people enjoying themselves, their psoriasis under control. It’s a clear triumph for our perceptions of psoriasis as well as our growing ability to keep it in check.

You can learn a bit more about La La’s efforts on, or jump right in and visit to offer some encouragement with a picture or two. The battle to de-stigmatize psoriasis is gaining momentum every day, and by participating in sites like this we can all contribute to the amazing progress being made.