About Us

Lake Consumer Products offers a wide variety of over-the-counter personal care products to help achieve total wellness. We are committed to meeting the needs of today’s consumer and bringing continued innovation to all of our brands and products. We are dedicated to the creation of quality personal and healthcare products that you can use with confidence during every stage of life.

Lake Consumer Products was started in the mid 1980s as a sales and marketing firm specializing in a variety of over-the-counter healthcare products across multiple retail categories. The company grew steadily through the 1990s – fueled in large part by distribution in the Drug and Mass classes of trade, and today enjoys distribution in all major retail chains.

We have manufactured and marketed a wide variety of innovative over-the-counter healthcare products designed to improve your quality of life. Now, with the acquisition of the MG217 brand of products, we are excited to branch out into the psoriasis treatment market. We hope to be able to expand the offering of products through innovation and also increase distribution of the existing products to help bring relief options to a larger percentage of the 7.5 million Americans who are estimated to be struggling with psoriasis.

For more information on Lake Consumer Products and our family of brands, visit www.lakeconsumer.com.

Lake Consumer Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Wisconsin Pharmacal Company. Wisconsin Pharmacal boasts more than 100 years of manufacturing experience and is an FDA and EPA registered manufacturer of a wide variety of over-the-counter topical pharmaceutical products, sanitizers, antimicrobials and more.

For more information on Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, our family of brands, and our contract manufacturing capabilities, visit www.pharmacalway.com.